HHVM, Hack & PHP


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Great info about basics and advantages of HHVM & Hack.
Learned some great stuff last night.

Maybe some more comparison to PHP, but one can find that in the Github examples too.

Nathan Jansen at 11:04 on 23 Mar 2016

First off, I think it is always a good thing when people share there insights. So, keep that up!
I expected al little more work/practical/from experience examples. So maybe next-time a little more of that.

It was good to see the pros and cons of HHVM and Hack. I am even more eager now to create some test projects with Hack. As I am always full of idea's and can be somewhat inconsequent, I love the idea of the strictness of Hack.

Props for the clearness and simplicity in which you explained various examples and the github is really nifty.

Mark Hamstra at 11:45 on 23 Mar 2016

Interesting topic! The talk was very technical and also mostly theoretical. I would've liked some more examples during the talk, and existing examples should be a lot bigger on the slides.

Some of the terms and concepts that were new to me were explained as "similar to Java/C/etc". They were shown in an example later, but as I haven't worked with Java/C, those initial explanations were not very useful.

Overall I learned a lot about hhvm and hack, so well done!