If you want to know what really drives the world, just follow the money. This talk will offer a different view on common cultural mantras and technical trends of the Internet, such as "the Internet should not be regulated", "there should not be national borders online", "let's encrypt everything" and "the Web is the Internet", showing how in today's economy they suit the business and political interests of the big Internet giants and of surveillance capitalism in general. It will start by looking at where the revenues of these companies actually come from, and show how regulation and personal/national points of network control, like ad blockers and content filters, represent a big strategic risk for these companies, explaining their efforts to make those practices culturally unpopular. As a case study, the new DNS-over-HTTPS protocol will be examined in technical and policy terms, showing how, while providing better privacy and security in some use cases, it also addresses that strategic risk for those companies. To end on a positive note, regulatory efforts for a European political response will be summarized, and the open, cooperative, interoperable model based on free software and open standards will be presented as the possible way forward for the European Internet community.


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Interesting analysis


Great talk!

That was such a great speech, @vittoriobertola. Make it open! If not already free and available in other platform.

Very intersting!

Alberto at 11:52 on 21 Oct 2020

Very interesting and to some extent very scary :)

Interesting presentation of giant IT activities and their implications on world economics and politics

Vittorio Bertola (Speaker) at 12:00 on 21 Oct 2020

Thanks for all the appreciation! I have added a link to the slides - click on "view slides" at the top of the page.

Lars Bendix at 12:19 on 21 Oct 2020

Topic: 3 - Delivery: 5

Matteo Vivona at 12:31 on 21 Oct 2020

"Analysis" probably too polarized

Very nice talk, nothing *too* new, but always good to reiterate it

Great talk, thanks for raising the level of awareness

I wouldn't say that's an interesting topic for a devop point of view, which does not mean that is not intersting nor bad presentation overall, but yes, to me is more a nice chat than a devop topic presentation

Interesting presentation

Very intresting

very interesting

Anonymous at 13:52 on 22 Oct 2020

ICT and geopolitics!

such an honor and inspiring talk

M_a_s_s_i at 06:29 on 26 Oct 2020

Interesting and insightful!