Kubernetes is one of the most famous and used open-source projects worldwide and in all types of projects. The recommendations while deploying it are really specific: Create it with three or five master nodes to stay in HA (High Availability). Not all have to be configured in high availability. We will review considerations, recommendations, and we will help you to make the right decision when creating these trending infrastructures. We will experiment with destroying the master node of a single master Kubernetes cluster having a running application on it.


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Alberto at 13:02 on 21 Oct 2020

nice presentation on an unconventional approach. Props for the demo working :)

Matteo Vivona at 13:03 on 21 Oct 2020

Very interesting panel

Edoardo at 13:16 on 21 Oct 2020

I already experimented with very small clusters so I was aware of the topic, but still the value from this talk is there.

If you plan to work or would like to implement a single master node cluster this is a must watch.
If you already do it, you can find very interesting insights.

Interesting talk and demo

M_a_s_s_i at 06:30 on 26 Oct 2020

Interesting, and well explained.