Software Configuration Management (SCM) is an important foundation for any type of project to work in a smooth and successful way. So there is no reason that SCM shouldn't be useful and necessary also on DevOps projects However, all projects are not alike and there is no single “one size fits all” SCM that will work in all contexts and for all development methods. SCM has well-established practices for more traditional ways of development, but very little is known about what SCM is needed and how it should be carried out in a DevOps context. DevOps projects probably need SCM done in different ways than “traditional” projects - and operationally by different (non-SCM) people. The difficult thing is not the concepts and principles of SCM - but to figure out what part of them can be helpful in different situations and in which way they should be implemented. As SCM experts - with a DevOps interest - we decided to investigate more closely how to match up SCM with DevOps. There is already some knowledge about how to do SCM in DevOps contexts, but it is fragmented and scattered around - and it is incomplete. We have researched “prior art” to collect existing wisdom. We have also analysed DevOps and SCM to identify areas where we could complete the existing knowledge. In this presentation, we will present and discuss our findings so far.


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Very interesting talk for applying SCM to DevOps. Tnx.

Very interesting... Yes I'm one of that that didn't know SCM. It's a new huge world.

M_a_s_s_i at 06:35 on 26 Oct 2020

The talk contents were really interesting and the research and insights quite accurate.
However, the exposition was somewhat flat, failing to give a rhythm to the flow of ideas.
As a result, the talk was a bit hard to follow, which is a pity because the contents are good.