We don’t need to convince you that Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CoDe) will be like Paradise on Earth – you already bought into the idea. However, you haven’t arrived yet – otherwise you should have done your own presentation. Therefore, you are probably struggling to find the right way to get there, and you have come to this presentation to be warned about what to expect and prepare yourself for what to do. Let us show you how you can go to CoDe Paradise before others spending less time and effort.

Many are the roads that lead to CoDe Paradise – some are more bumpy than others and some have pitfalls that you should look out for. So how can you address these problems – or avoid them? Fortunately, others have already gone down the CoDe roads and made some experience.

This presentation is an experience report based on interviews with 1-3 persons in each of 4 Danish companies of different sizes and at various stages of their CoDe journey. In addition, the presentation integrates results from interviews done with 2 persons from Denmark’s leading CoDe consultancy company about their customers’ experience.

We will present a selection of the challenges, pitfalls, and bumps that we found and reflect on the approaches used to either address or avoid them. Like in all fairy tales, we will end by showing you a glimpse of CoDe Paradise from a company that has already arrived there and some of the lessons of excellence that can be learned from them. At the end of this presentation, you will be more informed regarding the kind of bumps and pitfalls that others have experienced on their journey towards CoDe Paradise. You will know what they have done to address such challenges; why those approaches worked and, in some cases, did not; what they did to avoid some; and, what are the general lessons learned (guiding principles) we can draw from their experience.


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