Crossplane is an open-source project that allows the management of any cloud resource via the Kubernetes API. It's become a key component in the field of platform engineering. In this talk we'll provide an overview of Crossplane, spanning Managed Resources, Providers, Composition Function pipelines, Authentication, and integration with systems like ArgoCD and Flux. During this overview we'll demonstrate code how to define and validate internal new platform APIs, assembling infrastructure components, handling secrets, and creating functions in the language of your choice.


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Really interesting talk but not so easy to be understood by newbies on Crossplane ☺️

Non conoscevo Crossplane, grazie per averlo condiviso e spiegato!

Luca Bovo at 09:03 on 16 Mar 2024

Very interesting technology and integration with existing tools and architectures.
I appreciated the benefits of this approach

I didn't know Crossplane. I liked the idea to operate infrastructure through kubernetes API. The examples were intelligible. The talk stimulated my curiosity. Cool.

I got a bit lost around slide 25 but overall presentation was good and crossplane looks really promising, will evaluate it 100%.

interesting tool