A generic PHP Application Installer


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I like the tech. We solved this same problem once already too at http://phpfog.com/ and I'd much rather use an open source project than our own system.

some feedback...
- it wasn't clear whether "arbit" was the project name, or something else. It'd be useful if this was a separated project to avoid the confusion.
- thanks for repeating the questions and being open for feedback.
- you mentioned that this was more for open-source projects than your own (you mention openbb); however, you didn't mention whether installers were available for openBB or other services. It'd be great if you had some examples from some open source apps/frameworks.

Im not 100% clear how I could/should use this "arbit installer"
Nested recursive regex iterators are a little bit scary/confusing at a presentation. Missed info how to create my own forms

Interessante und komplexe Ans├Ątze eines Installers, trifft, wie er sagte auch nicht auf jede Anwendung zu aber als Inspiration auf jeden Fall sehr hilfreich. Danke.

Interesting idea, well presented! But the naming of the installer (called "arbit installer") is a little bit confusing. It would be better if the installer has an own name.

Liked the subject, and the presentation. Several very common problems are well handled by this system