Since 2006, Amazon Web Services have been providing on demand, pay-as-you-go infrastructure to businesses of all sizes. This talk will introduce the Cloud platform offered by Amazon, and discuss how teams can make use of Amazon's massive scale and operational experience to build highly available, scalable services. Using real world use cases, this technical presentation will introduce the architectural best practices for building ultra-scale services on the Amazon Web Services platform.


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Didn't like the talk at all... Too superficial, and even if it introduced as a huge number of inputs and interesting technologies, it was presented as a "customer satisfaction and showcase" that has nothing to do with what could interest developers.

Really fast, maybe too much to say in only 45 minutes. To me interesting for those who are involved also in infrastructure decisions and not only in coding.

Interesting overview of amazons technologies, but to high level

Interessting but too much content for 45 minutes

Good, but too much infos for one talk

good speaking - but to much of a boring presentation/sales pitch - this was not a KEYNOTE-SPEECH!

Just boring! No, it wasn't a keynote, but a presentation of the glorious amazon web service products. Sorry, not a good choose for a keynote speaker!

Way too much content for the given time, but still interesting to hear what Amazon has built.