Der Marktschreier: Eigene Special Event Handler mit jQuery entwickeln


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Anonymous at 17:19 on 10 Oct 2011

The Speaker talks very fluently and is competent in his area. He is able to adapt quickly and reacts positively to questions.
The Session was well structured and comprehensible.

Informative and well presented talk about the fancy jquery special event handling. Sounds quite promising, so I should have a look at it some time :)

Super kompetenter Speaker mit interessanten Talk. Schade das es so schnell vorbei war. Würde gerne mehr von ihm hören.

sehr gut vorgetragen, viel neues dabei, schade dass die zeit so kurz war.

If the conference had voted on JSPopstars as well, Jakob Westhoff would definitely be one of the Top5. Every talk of him is very competent, comfortable and full of nice tips in your everyday work. Definitely going to buy his book (and I am not being paid for saying that ;-)