Object-oriented Modeling in PHP projects has lead to an increasing demand for Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tools in the last years. This talk introduces Doctrine 2, which is a powerful data-mapper that allows a clean separation of business logic and persistence. For the second generation we focused on loosing dead weight and came up with a simple, fast and extendable solution.


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Absolutely brilliant!

Very clear, very well done considering that Doctrine 2 ORM is one of the most difficult pieces of PHP I've seen in the last year.

You got it the right way and you got understood.

Thank you for sharing!

good talk, thank you benjamin

Very clear, professional, and informational.

Good presentation, helped me as a non-Doctrine user to gain a good overview of the capabilities of Doctrine.

A very clear and structured talk about the easyness of doctrine. Go ahead and don't stop working on doctrine.

Good Job, and Thanks for Talking.

Very good talk, would like to see a "secrets of symfony2 and doctrine2" session next time ;-)