The MapReduce framework promises to make computing of large sets of data very easy. The approach offers excellent scalability across many computing nodes, and can easily be integrated with existing systems. This session will give an introduction to the basic techniques and ideas behind MapReduce, followed by examples using Apache Hadoop, a major implementation of MapReduce, together with PHP.


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Anonymous at 11:58 on 11 Oct 2011

Nicely explained

Great speaker, great session. Just an hint: integrate slides with links to all tools you mention. So even if I didn't note them I can quickly find on the slides without bothering you :)

Great talk, great speaker.

I'm especialy impressed by the ad hoc integration of Thorstens notebook into the demo.

Until today I thought I'd have no use case for Hadoop whatsoever. I was proven wrong.

Thanks :)

Thanks for the suggestion Daniel, that's a good idea. I actually had a few such ecosystem overview slides at some point but dropped them. Will adjust for the next iteration.