PHP 5.4 – An Update


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Nice overview on new and updated features of PHP 5.4. Competent and fluent talking Speaker. A little bit too short, almost 15 minutes left.

Fully agree to 10.Oct.2011 at 09:44 by Michael Schmitt

Johannes Schlüter hat natürlich aktuelles Wissen über die Neuerungen von php5.4, beleuchtet diese aber kritisch genug; Danke für den guten Überblick;

I fully agree to Michael and Stefan, too.

Anonymous at 14:47 on 12 Oct 2011

Nice overview

Anonymous at 22:13 on 13 Oct 2011

I think the speaker could have be better prepared. Something like "Oh, sorry, this is an old version of my slide..." or "I dont have actual numbers how the performance is improved..." is not perfect...

I missed also some examples how the new features can make my code better. For e. I think the feature of returning a function is a very dangerous thing. This can lead to a complete non readable code. Maybe I'm wrong... But U see I would like to have an information on how I can use it appropriate....

But I really had the felling that he was a developer and not a marketing guy ;-)