The PHPCR specification defines an API that combines the power of NoSQL databases with hierarchical data structures and versioning, powerful search and other features. Content repositories, like Midgard2 or Jackrabbit, can implement the API to provide generic access to their content. Using PHPCR, applications can focus on the application logic and use the API to quickly implement CMS functionality.


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Rated 4

Anonymous at 14:40 on 12 Oct 2011

Good and interesting overview about PHPCR, PHPCR-ODM and Jackalope.

Very interesting project being discussed, which really has an nothing to envy when compared to MongoDB and CouchDB or oder NoSQL solutions/adapters/specs.
The talk shows the most innovative and useful concepts that have been discussed in this ipc11 conference.

I won't give you 5 ups for the talk, but for the research behind it. Great job! :)

Good overview of the current state of PHPCR. Looks like a promising project.