Practical DevOps for Developers


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Great talk! Very informative, very wide spreaded but: not unfocussed and VERY good overview.

Very competent speaker who really knows what he's talking about and uses good, self-speaking slides which greatly underline what he's talking about.

Infrastructure testing is something I even didn't ever hear of! Great talk, learned very much from it and I will surely bring it with me in future!

Even after attending this talk on the ipc11se already there wa something new in there today.

The subject should have much more attention in my company than it has. Theres a lot of time and frustration that can be saved on the long run.

Johann has done a very infomative, professional and entertaining talk, as always.

But he could definitely improve on his english speaking skills (although the vocabulary seems to be there ;-) But he is aware of that himself.

Very interesting approach coupled with a good presentation. Thanks for sharing your insights.

Nice presentation. Will help me to rethink our strategies for making our dev`s lives easier.