Profiling PHP Applications


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Very well done and pointed out some things of kkachegrind which I never tried before.
Thank you!

Thanks a lot for this interesting talk Derick! If you want to improve the talk, I would rather remove a few slides on old and not really useful tools, and elaborate a bit on how the tracing and profiling works and what implications this has.
Oh and thanks for remembering me that KCacheGrind is much better than WinCacheGrind which I usually use ;)

The session was pretty good. Motivated me to give XHProf another try after I failed last time I tried it.

Nice presentation about what profiling really is and works. As Fabian I would remove some slides (maybe those about frameworks, you can just say it during talk) and do some more activity on tracing a real slow part of an application (e.g. put some ugly code somewhere) and then spot it.

Good overview over the existing tool and how to use them properly

Very Good!