Scalable high-performance Architectures


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A different point of view to talk about scalable architectures. Inspiring metaphor.

Anonymous at 21:52 on 11 Oct 2011

The example of binary burger seemed to be a little bit simple, for the first impression, but it makes it easier afterwards, to understand more complex factors of increasing performance. Hopefully we will realize his take aways in future projects.
p.s.: Die Beschreibung des Vortrags hier oben stimmt leider nicht. Wahrscheinlich wurde sie verwechselt.

Learned to cook delicious Burgers :D

Not really revolutionary or new things, but I suppose everybody should be aware of how many problems a restaurant could have in having a decent throughput and availability ;)

Thank you!

a good talk, although i feel it was staying a bit too general for my taste.

but excellent for beginners, or for not-so-technical management people.

Anonymous at 11:54 on 12 Oct 2011

I liked this talk, because it was not about implementation, about PHP and everything else.
As we learned that languages does not scale, this was the right thing to talk about scalability.
I liked the way you speak and the slides and everything around. But I didn't share your humor all the time ;) but that is some kind of discussing over taste :)