Symfony2 by Code


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Good introductory walk through. I liked, that the talk had no slides. The speaker was a little underprepared regarding the stuff to show, but it went well enough.

Thx for the feedback. Yeah, need to simplify my examples more and make sure I have an order of how I want to show things if the audience isn't asking questions. Also I am pondering if I should rather just show what kind of things are possible with Symfony2 briefly .. and then focus more on showing all the steps in creating a new Bundle. So sorry that the experiment still needs work .. hope I get some more feedback.

Anonymous at 11:51 on 12 Oct 2011

Hey, allthough you struggled a little bit sometimes, it doesn't disturbed the talk.

It's always difficult to get the code, talk and follow the line of your talk. But for Symfony-Novices it was the right look into the core of it.

Anonymous at 12:03 on 12 Oct 2011

hi lsmith, could you share the code? :) I wish there was some video, or could be put online sort of, this is the kind of things that can intro us more and more into dev/usage area of sf2...


Anonymous at 12:04 on 12 Oct 2011


Very good!

@cordovol: i added the link to the code as the slide link (see at the top) .. but you shouldn't vote on talks you didn't attend ..