The Kanban Pizza Game – Experience Kanban yourself


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Very interesting game to show how Kanban can be used to improve a production process. Definitely going to try it at work!

Very cool idea! Even for one who already does Kanban. This too is a great way to deepen the understanding of Kanban in a team, already doing kanban.

Very nice and innovative game to show how Kanban works from scratch. It's a pity that the conference organisators didn't provide enough materials so that not everyone could participate in the game.

Nice solution to transport the idea of Kanban via the pizza game. Good to abstract it from developing stuff.

Not so nice is, that the organiser didn't mange it to provide the materials in time. (not the fault of the speaker!)
And it's also a pity, not to have more time to discuss the effect and each stage of the game - just playing is not enough. Maybe this should be considered for the next session/workshop/talk... ;)

Die Idee war gut, die Umsetzung lief leider nicht so gut.

+ Vielleicht konnte der Dozent nichts dafür das sein Material da war, für die Zuhörer zählt nur das der Vortrag nicht in time los ging.
+ Alles lief ziemlich wild durcheinander
+ Nach dem Spiel gab es faktisch keine Übertragungsleistung auf den Arbeitsalltag, die nötige Diskussion des erlebten blieb aus.
+ Ich denke, dass solch ein Spiel für so eine kurze Session schlicht nicht praktikabel ist.

Kanban interesting concept! But the talk lacked a structured introduction and closing, the practical part was a little chaotic but that was not the speakers fault, he was let down by lack of material. Still, it didn't matter that much. It would have been create to sum up the exercise with a hint on how to implement this in real dev life.