This Way or the other Way?


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Interesting approach to use to actually do things and decide based on results and not on guessing. Running continuously tests is the way to improve projects.

Anonymous at 12:01 on 12 Oct 2011

Well, maybe it was my fault, but I read the abstract again and i must admit, that I am a little bit disappointed from this talk.
Actually I thought the style would be similar to the binaryBurger-thingy yesterday.

Of course this is a PHP Conference, but I think a lot of the audience would have known how to implement a factory pattern. In my oppinion it should suffer to tell in a more generous way about it.
These implementation details maybe suitable for people which do not programm every day, but what gives us a real benefit from talkers like you is your experience and your advices in everyday business.
We should be inspired then, run home and implement those factories and experiments or digg through your example code on github.

Thank you anyway :)

Interessting talk. Unfortunately my knowledge is not so good in factory/abstracts/interfaces. But i'd like to lern more about, so i can use the experiment part. Could you tell me where to find the Code Examples from your Presentation?


Talk showed an interesting application to use factirey - but
at least to me, it missed the topic according to abstract.