Usually, web applications always come with storage attached to it. You can not choose where an app stores the files you use, it’s just their server. Put plainly: You get their app, they get your data. We want to improve the web infrastructure by separating web applications from your data. unhosted apps are web applications able to run locally in your browser – because they are pure JavaScript, like many web apps already. You identify with your user address which then connects your remote storage to the app, loads your data and decrypts it locally – nothing leaking to the app server. This makes it easier and highly secure for users. In this talk, Jan-Christoph Borchardt shows you a world full of freedom from the web‘s monopolies. Technically speaking, a defined standard combining things like WebFinger, OAuth, WebDAV, CORS, preferably BrowserID and ideally with end-to-end-encryption on top. So everyone can implement it.


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Anonymous at 17:12 on 12 Oct 2011

Interessting idea/approach - hope to see a broad usage of it

Very interesting, BUT demo did'nt work, and the 1-hour talk
lasted just 30 minutes. Was there nothing more to say ?

I agree with both of my previous speakers... sounds like a great idea (you got me with that) but if you cannot tell more about it after only 30min... nevertheless, I'll be following this one