In this talk we will present the state of the art of the Zend Framework 2 project. We will discuss the new architecture, the new features, the performance improvement and the new classes of the 2.0 release. Moreover, we will discuss about the differences between ZF1 and ZF2 and how to migrate a ZF1 project to the new version.


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Rated 4

Anonymous at 10:42 on 11 Oct 2011

Very good talk - structured get-up of Features and Functionality, clear examples, very pleasant talk.

good introduction to zf2

Well done Enrico!
The talk was a bit superficial, but Zend Framework 2 is quite huge and you did very well for just the second talk :)

Good overview/ intro to ZF2, thx Enrico.

Good introduction to current development state of ZF2. Thanks.