Introducing PHP 5.4


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Anonymous at 14:32 on 16 Oct 2012

Really great talk! Looking forward for more talks from Ilia.

Anonymous at 14:33 on 16 Oct 2012

Anonymous at 14:35 on 16 Oct 2012

Anonymous at 14:36 on 16 Oct 2012

Very good. Focused, simple and clear!
Thank you

Anonymous at 14:37 on 16 Oct 2012

If you speak a bit faster, consider a rap career ;-)
However, it was good!

Anonymous at 16:44 on 17 Oct 2012

Great coverage, but missed APC in the backward compatibility breaks. Opcode cache is just vial for many sites and the current APC situation is just odd. My understanding: missed launch PHP5.4 launch date, but beta version is compatible, with stable version compatible at some date in the uncertain future. Right?