Maintain your Environment with Puppet


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Easy to follow talk. The live-coding worked well for me and helped me to better understand how to use Manifests to manage infrastructures with Puppet. There was a few "hiccups" (not unusual with live coding) which made you lose flow, but you quickly regained focus again. Well done.

Anonymous at 15:52 on 15 Oct 2012

Hi Christian,
Your introduction was fast, but that was intended.
The hands on was very bumpy. You had way to many problems and that got you off track.
The ending notes were interesting, but too short. People go into such talks to take away recommendations. I would like to see you spend more time on that next time.
Rating it with 4, because you changed content on short notice. Otherwise that bumpy hands-on would have led to only a 3.

Overall your message came along well and I learned some more about puppet.


Anonymous at 08:51 on 16 Oct 2012

Anonymous at 10:28 on 17 Oct 2012