OpenStreetMap for the Web


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Anonymous at 16:19 on 17 Oct 2012

Enjoyed it a lot. Thumbs up.
You may want to pronounce some English words more distinctly.

Anonymous at 16:40 on 17 Oct 2012

Just a mass of information. I hope I'll find the slides to have all the links you showed.

There is a link to the slides just after the description above.

Anonymous at 17:08 on 17 Oct 2012

Really enjoyed the interesting session. Quite some overlap with the MongoDB talk, though.

Anonymous at 17:52 on 17 Oct 2012

Great talk, I didn't know about the complexity of OSM.
One thing you could change, is the visual appeareance of you slides. In my opion they are kinda visual boring. :)


Anonymous at 12:10 on 18 Oct 2012

Good introduction to OSM.