Store a Country in your Database


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I like the talks from Derik mostly, clear facts directly to the point. I have seen many slides with very bad style of code presentation, here a big plus for the good way showing code in his slides.

Some unexpected things while live hacking with the EXPLAIN, no problem for Derik he is still keeping cool and don't leaving his way. The second big plus, live hacking ist everytime interesting for the audience, but only if the speaker can handle it.

Perhaps a hint, I would be very happy for getting an overview slide an the start.

Anonymous at 10:20 on 17 Oct 2012

Derick knows his stuff but he is also a very good speaker. The style, the tone, the pace.. everything is perfect to keep me interested. Not much room for improvement from my point of view.

Note to self: Learn more about MongoDB and NoSQL in general.