Not only in the CMS world converting between different document formats is an essential but painful task. (X)HTML, DocBook XML, different Wiki markup languages, PDF and OpenDocument can be easily converted into each other using the Zeta Document component. This talk will show you the possibilities based on practical examples and will also touch the internals of the component.


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Really interesting look at the Document component in ZC, and some good discussion on the challenges around support different formats.

Interesting talk, pretty much outlined what the Document component is about and how it can be extended.

Both great speakers presented a awesome architected tool with nice slides and good examples. They also showed the edge cases and limitations. Lots of questions could be answered instantly parallel to the talk.

I went to the session with a lot of skepticism thinking: I don't need to convert a lot of documents. The only reason I was there were the speakers. I am not disappointed by this decision. The speakers showed me that I actually need the Zeta Document component and held a great, entertaining and informative session.

Great talk! Kudos to Kore and Tobias.