Finding and fixing bugs is a major chunk of any developers time. This talk describes the basic rules for effective debugging in any language, but shows how the tools available in PHP can be used to find and fix even the most elusive error.


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lots of familiar situations and some really useful tips and tricks for finding the darn bugs and squashing them

Again learned about some new and useful tools for debugging.

Very interesting session. Do you share your slides on slideshare or something like that?

Many things one should already know, but a very good talk especially for beginners.

very good talk, very professional.
Structured information on nice slides, also a good speaker. I didn't get a lot of new out of it - the experience level was marked as low so it matches the expectation. Its nice to get my methods confirmed.

Nice talk. Brought some "best practices" back in mind.

Great talk, debugging is such an important issue and this talk gave a very good overview (and mentioned Xdebug too!) It was slightly better than at PHPNW10 ( because feedback from that talk was used.