This presentation covers the use of geolocation information with PHP. I will start with a theorectical background of all the services, mapping systems etc involved. After that, I will discuss on how to use geo-services from PHP. From obtaining of geo-location information through databases and services, mapping services to visualize geo-aware data to geo-aware data storage, manipulation and querying.


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Good talk about the different Maps systems and how to use them out of PHP or JavaScript.

some really neat tricks, and good to see that you can do so many things with the OpenStreetMap API. I need to dig into this again some time soon, looks really useful :)

Good presentation, nice hacks and good comparison of the different mapping systems.

Very interesting talk, did not expect the topic to be so complex and that it requires so much work and aproximation to get adequate results. Nice comparision of possible data-sources.

Good introduction into the possibilities of mapping systems and different data-providers.

Nice introduction to Geolocation, Openstreetmap API and how to handle it with Javascript and also some PHP.