Since 2003, the Atom format has been used as yet another feed format like RSS, but the Atom protocol opens the door to far more uses of Atom as both a means for distribution and publication. Ben Ramsey introduces the Atom format and protocol, explaining how these can form the foundation of any publishing service and serve as a platform for rich Internet applications.


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Seriously interesting talk, I'd never looked at APP before, but it seems like a standard with a lot of possibilities, and this was an excellent introduction.

Great introduction to AtomPub. A bit of a pity that it was quite a bit too short.

A completely different part of Atom that I knew little about, good to know about this. Very much inspiring me to start playing with it.

Basic but so interesting. For next time maybe, in the free 15 minutes, you can add something on authentication based on real experience. One example, not exhaustive sure but helpful.

One last thing, sometimes you read the whole current slide and then comment and expand from there.

Very informative and timely. I like the idea of using this in Restful apps over an ad-hoc format. This is material I can put to use right away. Thanks.