Of knowledge sharing and the developer quality lifecycle


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The content of the talk itself was nothing new for me (then again, this was a beginner-level talk in the first place), however I really liked the way Jordi pulled the attendees into a discussion on his topics, which gave some very good responses about the experience of the people there. This was an excellent way of not just offering a single opinion or way of thought, but getting the thought of everyone there.

Discussion was good, presentation a bit boring.

Just an additional note for others that may pass by, as I discussed it with Stefan quickly, the talk wasn't about innovating ideas really but more about motivating people to do it already. Because indeed most techniques are known by everyone but mostly not applied.

Enjoyed the discussion a lot! A good inspiration for seeing the common challenge of knowledge sharing from totally different points of views.
Though I'd like to have heard a little bit more about specific methods and techniques of knowledge sharing, it was still very motivating!