PHP came a long way, and we are no longer the cool new kid on the block. On the other hand side we are still far away from being the new cobol, and there is a lot of great stuff going on inside php and the php community. What happened to PHP the last few years, what is happening right now and what will be the next 5 years? Is PHP ready for nowadays trends? Does it fit for Social Web, NoSQL and HTML 5? Should You better be learning Scala right now?


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Entertaining talk about the live cycle ad the place of different technologies throughout the industry.

The best keynote of the IPC 10.

Best keynote in fact. Not such useful but always entertaining!

Nice keynote, entertaining and with useful facts about the lifecycle of technologies. It's reassuring to know that we jumped over the gap - and it's highly frustrating that some knowledge soon will become obsolete. Why the hell did I torture myself with Cobol when it's dead anyway? ;-)