By now, we have all heard plenty of analyses and opinions regarding the benefits or pitfalls of The Cloud. What these reports are often lacking, though, is a perspective on operations: how does it actually "feel" to run in an environment where everything is fleeting and dynamic, where few things have an SLA and where we can't run diagnostics? Are there Best Practices we can follow? And, how does this all relate to DevOps?
This session will show how operations break down into patterns by application type. We will look at characteristics such as architectural complexity, frequency of change, and of course how deep application requirements reach into the stack. Attendants will learn how to evaluate clouds and applications for their deployment needs. The key takeaway is that operations matter in the cloud, in particular for PHP applications.
In the follow-on Hackathon Session, we'll do a Makara platform deep-dive and work on deploying and operating apps on Amazon EC2. Bring your app and Amazon credentials!


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