Practical PHP Refactoring


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A great session.

good overview of refactoring techniques and patterns and the reasons why people should refactor.

great, entertaining talk.I like this style which references to the daily business.

Stefan is a great speaker. His session covers a few interesting cases about refactoring showing how and why improve the code. Nice suggests about how to tell to the boss how important is refactoring in the development process.

A solid and good presentation, good slides and a good speaker too. He did not only tell the developers on how to do it right, but also how to sell it to their boss.
Level was very basic, but talk was marked with highest level - so it was disappointing. But i count that error on behalf the organizers.

Quite standard talk. Nothing new if you read "Refactoring". The interesting (and funny) part was how to get buy-in from the boss.

Nice speaking and it shows the importance of Refacroring. The part 'explain-it-to-your-boss' was very nice, too.

Good introduction into Refactoring, but the session had the wrong level. There unfortunately was no advanced content.