Why MVC is not an application architecture ...


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Very good review of MVC, the history of the pattern, and how it should be used in a web world. Really enjoyed the descriptions of how various projects have got it wrong, and the descriptions of where different types of logic should be contained. I particularly found the description of the observer pattern very effective in clarifying the responsibilities of the MVC triad.

Very good talk, also good speaker. He is convinced enough to share his conclusions even if it is unpopular. Thats nice to get a fresh view on the topic. Comprehensive structure with lots of examples.

We where warned that the slides where unpolished but the content counts so never less very good.

Liked the talk. Good to hear about "proper MVC". Slide-writing interruptions by children had some little bad effect on the slides though.

Great talk. Stefan is a really great presenter, I will definitely come to his talk on refactoring tomorrow.

I didn't learn much from this talk tough. But than again the talk was marked as a "for beginners" and I invest some time exactly in this area, already. Five stars.

As always a very good talk by Stefan. Although I can't agree with all of his statements regarding architecture.