Challenges to run automated GUI tests with Selenium in a multi server Continuous Integration environment with Hudson


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Not bad talk about such boring thing as testing

Anonymous at 23:04 on 31 May 2011

Nice introduction. But I had the impression that they didn't really find solutions for the challenges and that things can be done (partialy) better

I would have loved to see an example of the integration of Selenium into Hudson/Jenkins.
The presentation gave a good overview on testing with selenium.

Anonymous at 12:37 on 4 Jun 2011

It seemed that this could be done after few days research on google. Too many facts about the company was both boring and useless, ie. the time of testing depends on server configuration, tests, servers used, browser used etc. You could have provided some charts to show these dependencies and not some numbers about your company without any context about configuration.
I lacked expertise on the subject, too.