Datenschutz, quo vadis?


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Could we have that in English the next time please?

Would be better in english

interesting and informative.
yah... there were a lot of non-german speaking participants. so maybe it was not appropiate in german. on the other hand it was probably aimed to german law and order...

it was ok - more interactive and practical stuff in this theoretic topic would be nice

Anonymous at 23:09 on 31 May 2011

I was a little bit disappointed as I expected a little bit more. But it was very interesting to listen to the German data protection commissioner directly.

better than expected

Quite interesting, but also quite theoretical.

better than expected, indeed

Anonymous at 10:22 on 3 Jun 2011

Never expected an official data privacy guy to give an interesting keynote. So far well done, just missed more living examples on the social web.

Nice to see and hear this...