Designing multilingual Applications


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Thank you for an interesting session!

Very useful session! Especially mention about web site to organize translations. But it'd be good if you tell next time more about deployment of translations and solution to solve a problem with layout (Arabic, for example).

Anonymous at 08:24 on 31 May 2011

Good Session but I expected more detailed examples. Altough models are business logic, a few examples of arbit or anything else would be fine.

I agree very helpful and I agree maybe layout problem would be very helpful.
now I definetly know what to avoid when it will finally come to localization in my company.

Kore again impresses with a very high level of knowleadge. I agree that the number of examples shall be increased to make different things a bit nore clear.

Solid talk neverthe less

nice and useful presentation

Anonymous at 21:49 on 31 May 2011

Well, i donĀ“t think like the other writers.

Nice talk, but useful only for php Beginners.

Everything in this session was only a little bit overview about possible solutions (but not of all).

I had expected more professional knowledge.

Nice session, but quite low level.

I also liked the talk, but i would liked it to go deeper into the topic.

Nixe Talk, but we want more practical stuff and Beer jokes ;-)

Anonymous at 14:08 on 8 Jun 2011