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Great presentation by Johann-Peter Hartmann.

Nice talk - well presented. Got some new ideas on tools to use.

Talk was technical and entertaining at the same time - Inspiring (need to give Puppet a new try) and informative (never heard about Vagrant before).

My favourite talk on monday. I came to enjoy the speaker and wasn't disappointed although Johann was having a cold. In the end the topic was also very interesting. We will definetly discuss using some of the tools and techniques in our company.

As always entertaining and informative.

Very interesting and exciting talk.

Anonymous at 10:26 on 1 Jun 2011

Nice Talk. Johann-Peter introduced a lot of interesting tools.

Anonymous at 12:41 on 1 Jun 2011

Thanks Johann, definitely was one of the best speeches I attended this year. It was very entertaining and showed us some technologies and methods we want to and will adopt.

The talk made me want to employ all the cool stuff Johann showed as soon as possible ;) The presentation was funny, fast paced and still got all the technical points across.

The best talk on monday and a really new aspect.

great talk, very informative, learned a lot of new things

Awesome talk with a good amount of new information