Git for Subversion Users


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Anonymous at 16:48 on 29 May 2011

a bit slow some moments, but in general ok :)

was a good introduction to the system. Let's see if we are going to use it!?!

The group was perhaps a bit too large, which caused some disruption and lag, but I enjoyed it none the less. And I'm definitely switching from svn, now that I got my hands dirty. Thanks.

for me as a subversion user working mainly on windows the workshop was absolutly appropriately.
the problem why maybe some people may judge it as slow was probably due an unexpected big group. everyone who asked for help and support during the workshop received it.

Anonymous at 12:33 on 1 Jun 2011

The issue with the large group and therefore a certain disruption was already mentioned. Another thing was the slow getting started.. perhaps it would have been wise to mention to bring in an own laptop with git installed beforehand in the workshop description (for me it was implicitly clear to do so).

The workshop in a whole was good, but it was a bit sad, that the more interesting stuff of the second half has had to be rushed leaving out the handson stuff.