PHP has been growing and evolving as a language for over a decade now and in this time managed to accumulate many functionalities and features. In fact so great is it breadth of functionality much of it lies unknown to most users. This session will focus on uncovering various functionality gems and developers may not know PHP has, but can help in their day to day development efforts.


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Abundance of nifty tricks that can save much time
Brush-up on extensions & tools i never dug into
I like !

Well presented and informative. Thanks!

Excellent talk with so much new and helpful information. Thanks a lot!

Rated 5

Anonymous at 17:01 on 1 Jun 2011

Helpfull talk with nice unknown php features.

good talk, very informative, some really nice extensions mentioned.

Rated 3

Anonymous at 12:35 on 7 Jun 2011

Many helpful and informative features. The talk was really good and well prepared!
"drawback": (for me!) too much content for the given time! Many code-examples combined with a very fast presentation-style made me literally suffer on information overflow. :-/
Nevertheless the presention was really good! It gave me a lot of input. I just couldn't handle it that fast.