Hidden Features of PHP


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Abundance of nifty tricks that can save much time
Brush-up on extensions & tools i never dug into
I like !

Well presented and informative. Thanks!

Excellent talk with so much new and helpful information. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous at 17:01 on 1 Jun 2011

Helpfull talk with nice unknown php features.

good talk, very informative, some really nice extensions mentioned.

Anonymous at 12:35 on 7 Jun 2011

Many helpful and informative features. The talk was really good and well prepared!
"drawback": (for me!) too much content for the given time! Many code-examples combined with a very fast presentation-style made me literally suffer on information overflow. :-/
Nevertheless the presention was really good! It gave me a lot of input. I just couldn't handle it that fast.