HTTP is your Architecture


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Thanks for this talk. Comprehensive, detailing practical usage of the native Web architecture. Was also informative for people curious about REST and its whole craze.

A few PHP code snippets or stubs showing how to bootstrap the creation of an HTTP-compliant app could have been nicely illustrative for people just getting into these principles.

Nice one all in all !

Anonymous at 12:18 on 31 May 2011


nice talk. finally one not only mentioning the standard methods, but clearifying what they are actually for.
well done lads.

the presentation was as good as yesterday evenening.
it was very interesting to hear about the standard methods, what they are for and why you shoud use it that way.

Many thanks, guys, good talk. Started thinking hoe to adjust my web projects to follow HTTP / LCoDC$SS.

Anonymous at 14:31 on 31 May 2011

Great talk!

Certainly no waste of time to attend your talk. Not revolutionary but very well researched, assembled and presented. Rock on...

P.S. I especially liked the LCoDC$SS acronym.

zis presentation was great!!

Awesome talk, definitely one of my favorites during the ipc. The speakers did a good job.

Thanks for the presentation. I wasn't aware of the HTTP request types <-> HTML5 allowed types story. Although i normally use GET and POST without much thinking of the other request types and the sleight nuances. Your session helped understanding the Concepts and was pretty clarifying.

Anonymous at 23:14 on 31 May 2011

I can't hear about that often enough! Really nice talk and some few new insights.

Anonymous at 10:34 on 1 Jun 2011

This was my favorite talk on the IPC. I&#39;ve got a lot ideas about how I have to design my Applications, to benefit fully from the HTTP protocol.

Well presented with a lot of good stuff - most of which I personally already was familiar with, but that's just my personal problem.

Great talk, again also the pair talking style:)
Very informative, looks like a lot of things to do in our applications.
Thanks a lot.

This was a very informative talk witch faces a whole bunch of often unmentioned aspects of HTTP

Anonymous at 12:22 on 7 Jun 2011

Very well done presentation. Both speaker were very capable and professional. The talk was informative as well as entertaining. Really good job!