jQuery's Secrets


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Hehe nice little "secrets" you showed us, thanks. It demonstrated the nice ways of configuring jquery to your needs.

Really liked it and even having sitted on the floor because all chairs were taken i always tried to not miss a single minute of your presentation, it was really interesting!

Anonymous at 09:10 on 1 Jun 2011

Nice talk, thank you. Probably I'll buy the book you recommended and I'll definitely read the jQuery source code since that seems to be the best way to learn. You showed some cool stuff but I sure there's more. Wish they'd all been in the docs though!

Great talk about jquerys secrets. You provide new information in a compact and completely clear way to me, thank you for that :-)

great talk!
but to be honestly... I did not use jQuery intensively enough to follow all your secrets or realize their potential.
maybe the book you mentioned is just right for me.

great talk, but I think a little too early for me, have to work on the simple stuff first, before digging deeper into it. But thanks to your talk, I know now what and where to look for :)