Large-Scale Data Processing with Hadoop and PHP


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Anonymous at 18:05 on 31 May 2011

Really informative and Funny talk with an excellent prepared live-demo Part.

Anonymous at 18:42 on 31 May 2011

Great talk, great presentation!

Stylish, up-to-the-point slides (not too packed). Fluent, entertaining presentation, good summaries / infos. Liked the demo part very much.
I'm quite sick of the "Lets sum up some integer values map/reduce example", though. On the other hand, anything more complicated might have been too much.

Anonymous at 23:11 on 31 May 2011

Just great and very informative. The live demo part was somehow too fast - you couldn't really follow that many details.

really great talk with excellent live demos

Great presentation. Fun to listen to.

Anonymous at 14:14 on 8 Jun 2011