Mashing up JavaScript – Advanced Techniques for modern Web Apps


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Useful information and interesting presentation

well prepared talk with loads of real world examples, showing how stuff works.
Informative talk.. thx a lot!

Marvellous! Content packed, live Demos, Mashup galore!

Great presentation! Lots of useful information

nice presentation and good demos

Very good talk and presentation. Clearly explains how modern web apps are built and work.

very well prepared presentation!
it showed what is possible in modern web applications.
it was almost a little mit too much for me to follow but everything is available at github.

Anonymous at 20:25 on 31 May 2011

Awesome presentation. Haven't lernt more in any other session so fare absolute perfect.

Simply awesome! I really enjoyed the 100 mph presentation style. Lot's of new stuff I found interesting and useful.

Really good presentation with nice examples

great talk, great examples, learned a lot, especially the oembed stuff,
Thank you

Anonymous at 12:26 on 7 Jun 2011

Heard a lot of new stuff (to me), great informative content, verified through live demos. Great presentation!

Anonymous at 14:13 on 8 Jun 2011