MySQL, PHP - The current State


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Thanks for the usful information about unknown (by myself, of course) and new features of Mysql - plugins, partitioning and NoSQL access are really cool!

Came in a little late but great overview of the different mysql useage methods in php and mysql extensions for php

Balanced overview of current state and ongoing projects regarding php/mysql connectivity. Informative and nicely presented.

Very solid presentation. The mysqlind part was really interesting.
Also i liked the comparisons between mysqli, PDO, ext/mysql, mysqlind.
Also the talk after the presentation was pretty informative.

Anonymous at 23:21 on 31 May 2011

Nice update about MySQL and the PHP drivers. Even if I knew some of the things it was a nice update to have it clear again.

Very interesting session, especially the usage of mysqlnd-plugins.

Anonymous at 14:12 on 8 Jun 2011