New Features in PHP 5.4


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Nice session and PHP interactive shell is really cool feature!

Nice overview of what's coming and what's going to be removed in 5.4.

Informative, and hope inducing. Thanks.

Great overview over PHP5.4, really enjoyed it. The bad feedback will follow in the Email....... Just kidding :)

Interesting to see some of the new features!

Good overview of what we might expect in PHP 5.4.

Nice to see PHP getting some clean up in 5.4

Informative, though in my opinon some changes / features were presented in too much detail. To be honest, i do not quite see the real world benefit of the interactive PHP shell (sorry, Johannes :-)

Anonymous at 08:27 on 31 May 2011

Johannes Schlüter continues his line about new features in PHP. Always interesting!

very interesting and I understand why Johannes spent a little bit more time on the interactive php console than maybe would have been necessary.
very good overview about upcoming features!

Quite informative. I'm a bit afraid of the code horrors we'll see when traits are there! ;-)

Anonymous at 10:28 on 1 Jun 2011

Very interesting talk about what's the future of PHP

Helpfull informations on the new features in 5.4.

Very interesting session.

I really liked this compact overview about the coming php version.

Thanks for that nice Informations directly from The Frontlinie.

Helpfull in realworld :)

Anonymous at 14:08 on 8 Jun 2011