The bright golden future of the web (and other fairytales)


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ein angenehmer start in einen langen konferenztag.
sehr passend fuer einen keynode am morgen.

I came in a couple of minutes late but really enjoyed this keynote. it was like a geekfest with all the old technology, but the point came across quite clearly. very nice!

Anonymous at 23:16 on 31 May 2011

too much history and just a short view into the future. The final part would have deserved some more explainations.

Anonymous at 01:49 on 1 Jun 2011

Only last few minutes of this presentation were useful and interesting, the beginning I wish I stayed in bed.

It was entertaining, but it felt like 90% history and 10% future and that is a little contradiction to the title of the talk.

Well done, entertaining keynote. This was a good start into the 2nd conference day.

Very nice entertainment and a good way to predict the future :)

Anonymous at 14:11 on 8 Jun 2011