Advanced Date/Time Handling with PHP


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Anonymous at 14:56 on 4 Jun 2012

Good talk. Many good examples.

Great samples. Good approach to the subject. I would like to see more examples of date arithmetic using new DateTime object (becouse this object is not commonly known) even without timezone mess - for example newyear or dst change.

Very good thought out talk, on a complex subject.

Anonymous at 15:11 on 4 Jun 2012

Interesting topic, showing how many problems can result from regular operations over time. You can learn how to store the DB information from different time zones.

Anonymous at 15:18 on 4 Jun 2012

What about merging date ranges?

i agree. very nice talk. thanks, derick.

one question: is it possible to add virtually your own timezone? for example: my son is definetely living in a different timezone in the same flat :D I could then use the sublocation parameter: Europe/Berlin/Son.

@Anonymous, please file a feature request for merging date ranges.
@Jörg, not yet possible... but would that be good?

This was a very good talk with very good examples. Great.

Good examples for all who has to deal with date and time information in different timezones.

Great talk with real world examples and easy to understand.

yes nice talk which displayed once again all the odds that one has to deal with when messing around with different time zones! Also thanks for the tip with the time zone database!

Anonymous at 23:03 on 5 Jun 2012

Anonymous at 13:45 on 6 Jun 2012

Interesting topic and very competent speaker. What scares me was the way DateTime objects allow to specify points in time, e.g. "next weekday in three month". Looks like what SQL tried for databases (should be usable for everybody) and where it failed miserably which makes it a mess now.