Das beste Build-System der Welt


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Anonymous at 13:28 on 6 Jun 2012

Better focus on one product ( in you next talk), namely ANT - sine this is you pimary candidate anyway. Naming bash a build system is at least esoteric ;-)

Anonymous at 13:33 on 6 Jun 2012

For me as newbie a good overview of build tools! Your way to provide the data was very smooth ;-)

Schöner Vortrag, mit eine guten Übersicht über die veschiedenen Build-Tools. Besonders die Hinweise auf dein Github-Repo fand ich sehr gut! Die Art, wie du den Vortrag rüber gebracht hast hat mir auch sehr gut gefallen, es war zu keiner Zeit langweilig ;-)

Anonymous at 17:24 on 6 Jun 2012

Anonymous at 00:27 on 7 Jun 2012

Basic introduction.

I liked: To see how ant workes (the XML Examples)
and the overview about some other build systems.

I don't liked: The failing live example

And I think you could work on your presentation skills.