IPC Welcome Session


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Anonymous at 00:14 on 7 Jun 2012

Not so good as expected...

mostly the same as the Webinale Welcome Session. To me this was just a watse of time ...

@Dennis Becker

Not sure which part of it you refer to, or maybe to both.

Anyway, my part was not a talk per se but a little short summary about what is happening in PHP (and in some extends to other projects) and how easy it is to contribute now to php, the language you use since 10 years now :)

So I'd to agree with you that it was a waste of time if I did not convince you to contribute to PHP.

However I'm very happy to have seen 10 other attendees thinking now to contribute and other 15 being very happy to have learned about the new steps the PHP project has been taken :)

Thanks for your feedback!